Bigg Boss 7: Who’s Faking Love; Gauahar-Kushal Or Tanisha-Armaan?



Bigg Boss 7 has now become the house of love, with not just one, but two love stories blooming around! No points in guessing the two couples in question; Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon, and Tanisha Mukerji and Armaan Kohli.

Well, here is the real picture of the not so ‘real’ romance going on in Bigg Boss 7. Let’s take a look at the journeys of the “couples” one by one…

Tanisha and Armaan – The two met in the Bigg Boss 7 house, and sparks flew. Things went out of control, and they have been in news mostly for their intimate acts – be it their moments in smoking room, or being caught in a very awkward position, or even feeling each other up time and again. Audiences have mostly seen it all. “See, Tanisha looks like she’s genuinely in love with Armaan, her love is true. But Armaan may just be using her, as there have been times when he has been very rude and nasty to her, literally treats her like doormat,” said a source from the production team in Lonavla, where the Bigg Boss 7 house is setup.

What happened yesterday, Saturday, November 30, 2013, opened the pandora’s box, quite literally. Tanisha could not fathom the fact that the love of her life, and her only support is evicted. She has not stopped crying since then. Tanisha went a step ahead, avoid Bigg Boss’ command, when he asked everyone to ‘pause’, and instructed Armaan to leave immediately. Tanisha ran into Armaan’s arms, kept saying ‘I love you’. It broke hearts of several viewers, it was an emotional moment for everyone. Such moments we have rarely seen in any Bigg Boss seasons so far.

Even as I am writing this, Tanisha has been crying nonstop in the Bigg Boss 7 house, she’s unable to digest this fact even now. She is totally unaware that Armaan is in the ‘Secret room’ watching the live feed.

What will happen when Armaan comes back? This is mostly going to happen on Sunday, according to sources. By then Armaan would have seen everything, and known the true colors of all the housemates, and also his lady love Tanisha, who has paid no heed to either Salman Khan’s warning, nor the production team’s warning of keeping a safe distance with Armaan.

Gauahar and Kushal – Looks like this couple is for the keeps, but then knowing our Miss Original Manipulator, the Drama Queen, Miss Gauahar Khan – she maybe doing all of this just to grab TRPs, and news coverage. Before you flood me with your comments, let me tell you one thing. During this special “Gauahar Khan” episode, while giving her lengthy “Kushal-acceptance” speech, Gauahar mentioned that they have made history on this reality show, not just once, but twice. She repeated this line again and again. Once when they both walked out of the show, and the other time, “according to them” – the genuine proclaiming of love! This statement from her quite literally spoilt the big moment, and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Lovers actually don’t love to make history, or break records, right? Isn’t it still clear to all – that she is just faking it! I feel sad for Kushal. Like an ex-Bigg Boss contestant recently said, “Kushal is only Gauahar’s puppet”, he really is. Poor guy!

Anyways, the so called madly in love Miss Gauahar Khan had a break up only days before she entered the Bigg Boss 7 house. She was seriously involved with Deepika Padukone’s ex-boyfriend Nihar Pandya, which is widely reported. Gauahar was even engaged to him, but she dumped him before entering the reality show.

A close friend of the now ex-couple told us, “Nihar and Gau (Gauhar) were madly in love for years. But she broke up just before entering the Bigg Boss house. Gau always had arguments about the upbringing of their children together. He wanted them up in traditional Gujarati manner, while she wanted them to be raised according to her religion. Religion was an issue, and since there was no agreement on this issue, they broke up.”

However, a source close to Gauahar’s family denies that the couple broke off due to religious reasons. They went different ways, but Gauahar’s family never asked her the reason for the break up. The break up was amicable, and both Nigaar and Gauahar are still close to Nihar. Nihar, however, denies ever even dating Gauahar Khan. He has always maintained that none of this is true. He is on good terms with her family, and keeps meeting them regularly.

Back to the point: I really wonder why Gauahar is making a fool of Kushal on national TV, not once but twice now! Is she genuinely in love, or it’s all for cheap publicity, only time will tell. Having said this, both Gauahar and Tanisha are competing against each other, and are vying for the coveted crown of ‘Miss Manipulator’ now.

Who do you think it should go to? Let us know in comments below! But before that let’s have a huge round of applause of the one who has been successfully delivering ‘Oscar Winning Fake Performances’! Kudos![/tps_header]