Bigg Boss 8: Inmates Heed Kamya’s Suggestion

Kamya-Punjabi-Pardaphash-102444Kamya Punjabi had warned the inmates of Bigg Boss 8 that nobody is a friend here. It’s a game and it should be played accordingly. It seems the inmates have paid heed to her warning.

This nomination day, everyone selected their friend turned foes for nominations which made the episode pretty interesting to watch.

But the fact that Kamya had to remind them that the show is a game didn’t go down well with Minissha, Diandra, Karishma and Sushant. They were seen bitching about her.

Eventually, they came to the conclusion that they are classier contestants than the last season’s contestants. All was done in English so that the channel is forced to not air this portion due to no Hindi.

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That wasn’t enough. They again got together to scheme about how to deal with Gautam. Diandra wanted to be nasty with Pritam for commenting on her dress but others reprimanded her since this will hurt their image with the audience. It is important to stay clean in the house to win audience’s votes.

Next morning the inmates are worried what will they eat as poor food management earlier has left them with little food. They somehow manage.

Gautam and Puneet discuss how they did everything that Deepshikha asked them but the team couldn’t handle the food properly.

They even comment on Minissha and Soni’s food intake which according to them is pretty steep. Immediately, Bigg Boss decides to lash out at Minissha and other for not following the rules.

They spoke in English which is forbidden. Resultant? They got only minimal ration. For more, they will have to apologise and mean it. Obviously, the accused did as was told and they were pardoned.

Nominations were announced and it surprised no one when Minissha nominated Karishma for stretching the Gautam issue too much and Puneet nominated Deepshikha for a bossy self.

But finally it was Deepshikha, Gautam, Arya, Pritam and Sonali who make it to the nomination list.


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