Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan Blames Rekha For Being Unmarried










[tps_footer]Rekha is seen in public pretty less but in today’s day and age when promotions guarantee more success for a film than the script, she had to bow down to the diktats of film marketing. These days she is on a tour of various reality shows to promote her upcoming film Super Nani.

Recently, Rekhan was in Bigg Boss 8 house and her interactions with Salman Khan were not only interesting but also pretty stunning.

It seems Rekha was Salman’s boyhood crush. He was her neighbor as a kid and would attend her yoga classes just to see her. In fact, he would also follow her on a bicycle during her morning jogs. He apparently told his parents he would like to marry her. Now we know why Salman Khan is so fond of cycling…following crushes is one of the purposes that it served.

In Bigg Boss 8 house, Rekha also went a bit cheeky when she mouthed a hit dialogue from Dabangg saying, “Thappad se darr nahi lagta, Big B, Bigg Boss se dar lagta hai’. Pun on Amitabh Bachchan? Well, a perfectly timed one at that!

With both being unmarried, they blamed each other for their current relationship status. Salman worked with Rekha in Biwi Ho To Aisi and the actress even showed a poster of the same on the show.

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Veteran Actress Rekha was on India’s most controversial reality show Bigg Boss 8 with Salman Khan to promote her upcoming film Super Nani.

Salman Khan and Rekha sang and danced and entertained their viewers. Salman Khan was showing the audience pictures of young beautiful Rekha. Fans were wooing her all through out.

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Apparently, Salman and Rekha were saying the popular dialogue of Salman’s film Dabangg, when Rekha said that Thappad Se Darr nai lagta, Pyar se bhi nahi lagta wo to mai bahut de sakti hoo, darr lagta hai to bas ‘Big B’ se.”, however she immediately rectified it and said Big B se Bigg Bossse. Did Rekha say it intentionally?

Also when Rekha entered the Bigg Boss 8 house, she was seen interacting and having a jolly good time with all the contestants, except Puneet Issar. It seemed she was totally ignoring him.

We wonder if the actress is still miffed with Puneet Issar over that Coolie incident. As many of you will already know, while shooting for Coolie, Puneet had accidentally caused a serious injury toAmitabh Bachchan, after which Issar became a national villain. Though Big B never really blamedPuneet for the damage, but it seems Rekha hasn’t yet forgiven Puneet.

Rekha was upset with Puneet because of the life threatening injury that he had supposedly causedAmitabh Bachchan.  Is Rekha still holding a grudge against Puneet Issar for Big B..?

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