Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: You Won’t Believe What The Housemates Have To Live Without!


Bigg-Boss-001245Well, like always we will again see double trouble in Bigg Boss 9 house. Yes, like the last week’s episode, this week too, the contestants had to press the buzzer inside the double trouble room and this time Mandana, Rishabh and Rimi were selected according to the worst performers in the ask though they won the ask.

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They were given four options and each option led to the choice of who all among the housemates got to sleep on their beds with or without their mattresses. If all the three press the buzzer than all the contestants would lose their mattresses and we exclusively reveal that all the contestants lost their mattresses because of their foolishness. Yes, you should see the things Rishabh did inside the double trouble room, we are sure other housemates must have banged him. But housemates have lost their mattresses and that we wonder what substitute they create for it.

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