Bipasha Basu Gets Into Shape On Comedy Nights With Kapil

Bipasha Kapil 06[tps_footer]The Bengali Bombshell Bipasha Basu is a busy girl as she is doing all out promotion of her fitness third DVD titled Unleash. Recently she was on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil to promote her DVD.

Bipasha Basu wrote on Twitter: “Unleashing at Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma! Laugh Riot and how.” Bipasha turned up in a neon coloured T- shirt, tights and sports shoes. Not only did she make Kapil workout, she even made our very loveable Dadi do some exercises.

According to Bipasha, people in India want to be thin but they don’t know how to be fit; so this one is about being strong and not just thin. She feels that it’s a shame if an individual cannot take out twenty minutes for their health. According to Bipasha, health investment is the key for looking good.

The pressure of becoming fit is on everyone, because it is a visual medium and everyone needs to look good. Bipasha stays fit, as she wants to stay healthy; looking good for her is a bonus.

When asked whom she feels is fit in Bollywood, she said, “I feel Akshay Kumar is the fittest actor because right from my first film I have seen, he is super energetic, looks after his health and eats right. Salman Khan is a fitness icon and he has got the body into the business. Every single boy aspires to have a body like Salman. They are the iconic stalwarts in the fitness world of our country. In the current lot of actress, Deepika Padukone looks fit. She has a fitness background because of her father; I think it’s imbibed.”

When questioned about her marriage, she said that she would go for a lavish Bengali wedding because that’s the only one condition that her mother has kept for attending her wedding. Bipasha, a fitness freak, even added that at the wedding nobody will dance, everybody would only exercise.

Do catch this episode of Comedy Nights With Kapil this weekend and stay healthy.[/tps_footer]