BREAKING Bigg Boss 10: First Task Of Salman Khan’s Show Is A Start To A New Controversy!


We exclusively reveal Bigg Boss allot’s different duty or we can call a particular role to the celebrity and common contestants. Yes, the first task itself is going to create an ego clash for celebrity contestants and well, that’s what Bigg Boss is all about.

The celebrity contestants have to be “sevaks” of the house while the common people will be the “maaliks”. Yes, the common people who are also the contestants of the show will be the “rulers” while celebrity contestants have to behave like slaves in the house and follow the advice given to them.

Now this sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Well, Bigg Boss 10 is going to be full of drama, controversies, love and much more! And the same starts right from the first task of Bigg Boss 10 show. What do you think about the first task? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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