Breaking Bigg Boss 11: Captain Vikas Gupta Puts This Contestant In Jail!

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Captain Vikas Gupta makes his first move after becoming the captain of Bigg Boss 11 house.

Get ready to catch another heated argument between Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11. Vikas and Hina will get into an ugly argument after the latter misunderstands Bigg Boss’ direction. Shouldering the responsibility of conveying a message to her fellow inmates, Hina becomes everyone’s target. She gets accused of disrupting Bigg Boss’ message about captaincy on purpose. This leads to her argument with Vikas.

Vikas ends up calling her a hypocrite and even says that Hina changes her stance according to the situation. Other housemates also get angry after Hina nominates her name for the captaincy task. However, Hina then asks housemates to replace her with someone else if they think she did all on purpose.

Finally, padosis announce that they would elect Vikas to stand against Puneesh in the final lap of the captaincy task; eliminating Hina from the roster. As earlier we EXCLUSIVELY revealed, Vikas Gupta wins the first captaincy task and becomes the captain of the house.

Now we bring recent development that took place inside Bigg Boss 11 house after Vikas became the captain of the house. We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Bigg Boss gives Vikas Gupta a huge opportunity to pick one worst performer of the task and the contestant he chooses will be directly nominated for the next nomination as well as will be locked up in the jail.

Any guesses who’s name Vikas Gupta puts at the tough place? It’s time to take revenge! Yes, Vikas puts Hina Khan in the jail and she also gets nominated for the next week’s nomination.

We also reveal that Bigg Boss gives ‘padosis’ a special power to take one more name that will be put in the jail along with Hina Khan. However, Padosis are still in talks and confused who it should be.

Who do you think will join Hina Khan in jail? Share your guesses in the comments section below.

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