Comedy Nights With Kapil Succeeds While Mad In India Falls Flat


sunil and kapil Main coverWell the verdict is very clear – Mad In India is not a patch on Comedy Nights With KapilKapil Sharma who made it a point to watch the first episode of Mad In India stated, “All I can say is that Sunil Grover should have never left our show. Sunil was part of a very collaborative and creative team. We were all part of the success of our show.”

Sunil effectively and effortlessly portrayed Gutthi in Comedy Nights With Kapil before leaving the show late last year. He has now embarked on his own show Mad In India, where he plays the character of Chutki.

“I am saying this with not a shred of excessive humility, but the show belongs to the entire talented team of Comedy Nights With Kapil. Ali Asgar, who plays my Dadi, Upasana Singh who plays my Bua, Kiku Sharad who plays Palak and Sumona Chakravarty who plays my wife and of course, Navjot Singh Sidhu who we fondly address as Sidhu Paaji.” added Kapil Sharma.

Till date no one knows what actually went wrong and why did Sunil Grover walk out of Comedy Nights With Kapil.

When asked about this Kapil said, “I still don’t know what went wrong and why he left. Sunil has been around trying to find his bearings in the entertainment industry. He’s my senior. I’ve the highest regard for his talents. And I am not the kind to feel threatened or competitive about anyone. In fact, I go out of my way to ensure every member of my team has a chance to take center stage, so I can relax. Sunil must have been provoked into leaving by people around him.”

With the two shows in direct competition and Kapil Sharma’s, Comedy Nights With Kapil show already established, Mad In India has a long way to go to establish itself.

Will Sunil Grover attain the same popularity as Chutki that he attained as Gutthi is something only time will tell.

Niyati Khanna

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