Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Bigg Boss Takes Immediate Action After Om Swami Threatens Rohan Mehra!


Bigg Boss 10 contestants were breathing a sigh of relief after Om Swami had made an emergency exit from the house for legal work. But as he was back inside the house, Om Swami continued giving sleepless nights to the housemates. Despite getting multiple warnings from star host Salman Khan, Om Swami has stooped to an all new low each week.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, this time, Om Swami has once again targeted celebrity contestant Rohan Mehra. During the captaincy task, Om Swami and Rohan Mehra got into a physical fight. Rohan lost his temper after Om swami made some mean comments on him. In fact, he even threatened to ruin his career. Yes, you read that right! Our source revealed, Om Swami threatened Rohan to ruin his face by hitting him so that he can’t get work ever in his career.

This had not only left housemates in a shock but Bigg Boss had to take an immediate action. Bigg Boss called Om Swami in the confession room and warned him that if he tries to threaten anyone in the house ever, he will be thrown out that moment. We wonder, why was he even given last warning? He should have been thrown out of the house that moment itself.

Well, fights and controversies are a part of Bigg Boss show but it looks like Om Swami has fallen to a new level now. What do you have to say about Om Swami’s this disgusting behavior? Share your views!

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