Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Guess Which Team Wins Luxury Budget Task BB Laundry


Nothing comes easy in Bigg Boss 10 house and every week, the housemates have to perform a rigorous task to get their luxury budget.  As earlier we reported, Bigg Boss introduces new task, “BB Laundry” where both the teams have to wash, clean and iron clothes. Clothes are sent into the house on a conveyor belt. Celebrities were given blue uniform while Indiawale were given orange uniform for the task. The teammates had to assign particular job among them.

Also, the luxury budget task came with an alert alarm that the results of the task will have a direct impact on ‘satta parivartan’ and upcoming nominations. On hearing this, both the teams rolled up their sleeves and begin the task. Well, no task is complete without drama and fights and yes, this task too saw ugly fights between both the teams.

Well, finally breaking the suspense, we EXCLUSIVELY reveal which team is the winner of the task. Have celebrities won the task and have managed to remain “Maalik” of the house? Any guesses?

While you guess, CLICK NEXT To Know Who Is The WINNER Of The Task!