Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra And Manveer Indulge In An Ugly Fight, Bigg Boss Takes Action!


On Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar episode, star host Salman Khan slammed celebrity contestants for making the show look boring with their zero participation in any activities. Well, it seems the contestants are back in action and this time, with a new drama. We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Manveer and Rohan Mehra get into an ugly and heated argument. It went worst that Bigg Boss had to interrupt and solve their differences.

We give an Exclusive sneak peek from the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 10 and how Manveer, Rohan shook the whole house with their heated fight. Bigg Boss introduced a new luxury budget task called, “aadi manav” . During the task, Manveer and Rohan indulged in an argument. Manveer even abused and called Rohan “chakka” that left him furious. Rohan didn’t take it quietly and gave it back by calling Manveer fake.

The fight went worst that Manveer threw his mic and ignored to wear it. That’s when Bigg Boss called the duo in the confession room and they continued to fight there too. Later, Bigg Boss asked Manveer to wear his mic as he was going against the rules of the house.

Now it remains to see how they sort their fight and that what more the show has in stories for the audience. Well, tonight’s episode is going to unfold many dramas, arguments and much more. Nevertheless, the show, surely, has been able to keep the audience on toes.

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