Exclusive Bigg Boss 11: The New CAPTAIN Of The House Is!

bigg boss 11 new captain

After all the mess created during the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss 11 housemates gear up to appoint the new captain.

After a very chaotic luxury budget task, Bigg Boss 11 housemates have geared for another important procedure in the house. As earlier we exclusively revealed, both the teams have won equal number of points. This only means that both the team can appoint contenders for the captaincy task. Read here for all deets about the luxury budget taskExclusive Bigg Boss 11: This Team Wins The Courtroom Task!

 So, Bigg Boss has introduced new captaincy task in the house. For the task, the housemates had to choose who they want to make the new captain of the house after Bandgi Kalra. The cutouts of the contenders were kept in the garden area. Each housemate had to give one reason and spray the paint on the face of the contender they don’t want to see as the new captain.

The cut out of the contender standing all clean till last becomes the new captain of the house. Any guesses who becomes the new captain of Bigg Boss 11 house? We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, none other than Hiten Tejwani has become the captain of the house.

No surprise, we are happy to see him as the captain because it’s the only time when we will see how much fair can Hiten Tejwani play in the game.

Meanwhile, Akash Dadlani has ruined the peace of the house after his best friend Puneesh Sharma chooses Hiten Tejwani over him during the captaincy task. Tonight, you will be seeing Akash Dadlani’s never seen before side after his friend Puneesh ditches him. Let us also reveal that Akash has isolated himself in the house and is in no mood to talk to anyone.

We guess, Salman Khan will be taking his class once again during Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar.

Catch all these drama in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, which is being hosted by superstar Salman Khan!

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