Exclusive Bigg Boss 9: Housemates Fight To Achieve Grand Finale Ticket!


Bigg-Boss-9[tps_footer]Bigg Boss 9 contestants are just few weeks away from the grand finale and with this Bigg Boss introduced another interesting finale task. It is now high time to check how desperately contestants want to win the title of Bigg Boss 9.

We exclusively reveal, Bigg Boss introduced finale task in which the housemates had to spoil the rival’s game in order to get the finale ticket. Bigg Boss introduced a very interesting finale task for which a inverted pyramid was placed in the garden area of Bigg Boss 9 house.


The inverted pyramid was divided into different portions and each portion was allotted to each housemate as a part of their game. Only Keith couldn’t participate in the task, as he is nominated for the entire season and due to this he was appointed as the moderator of the task.

Coming back on the task, each portion was filled up with sand and in order to win the task , the contestants have to try to open the tap of the sand of their rivals. Interestingly, the moderator of the task Keith plays a major role in this finale task. Incase, if Keith observes someone cheating, he can either open the sand tap of the contestants or can even ignore to do so. It is his choice if he wants to save or spoil anyone’s game.


The task is going to be continued for almost 2 days, and just after few hours of the task the housemates got into an ugly fight. Soon, Prince and Priya got into an argument and between all this argument, Prince broke Priya‘s sand tap and due to this, sand box slowly went empty. Though Priya Malik‘s sand box got empty, she was still in the race.

Meanwhile, Kishwer, Prince and Rishabh have targeted Mandana in order to remove her from the game. Also Prince is leading of all in the task with more sand in his portion. Well, now it’s all about reaching directly to grand finale and it is obvious that the housemates would try their best in this task.

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