Exclusive Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: This Hot Lady Is Entering The House!

Sana-Khan-1[tps_footer]As earlier we exclusively revealed that how ‘BB9 Hotel’ task turned nastier through out the day. The guest of the hotel task, Mandana and Rishabh made the staff of the hotel dance on their finger by giving them beyond the level tasks.

The house will be converted into hotel BB9 and the housemates will also be assigned different roles. While Mandana and Rishabh will be the hotel guests, the rest of the housemates will be the staff and Prince will be the manager.

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If that was not enough, Bigg Boss called, ex-contestants Andy, and Ali Quli Mirza in the house to join the task. Also famous TV actress Sargun Mehta will be seen on Bigg Boss Double Trouble as hotel guests. The trio will be the part of the task where they join Mandana and Rishabh to harass the staff of the hotel.

The guests are allowed to make any demand and the staff has to comply. Creating a lot of rifts and drama, this episode of Bigg Boss Double Trouble may be trouble for the staff team, but is full of entertainment for viewers!

Also now we exclusively reveal that Bigg Boss 8 hot ex-contestant is also joining the show as a guest with Andy, Sargun Mehta and Ali Quli Mirza.

Any guesses who she is?


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