EXPOSED: Why Was Gutthi Removed From ‘Comedy Nights…’?



Sunil Grover is a bundle of talent who has made Gutthi immortal. Nobody can essay that character with so much ease.

From the day Comedy Nights with Kapil began, Sunil Grover has done many characters. A couple of weeks ago he stated, “Well I have played lots of characters on the show but now its Gutthi all the way because of the response that we all have received for her.”

Kapil Sharma, who is the producer of the show started having issues with the growing popularity of Gutthi. Insecurity crept in and thus the result. Sunil, on the other hand is justified in asking for a hike in his fees. Because, it’s only due to him that Gutthi has hit a jackpot not just for him, but also helped in raising overall TRPs of the show. In short, it’s a package of all such characters that make it a super hit on TV.

Sunil Grover has been around for a while; starting off as a radio jockey, anchor and an actor. He started his television career with Hans Balliye on Star One and then followed it up with Dekh Video Dekh on Colors. He even hosted a spoof on Kaun Banega Crorepati called Kaun Banega Champu on Filmy.

On Radio Mirchi, he has a show titled Hasey Ke Phuarey where he plays the character of Sudarshan aka SUD and tells stupid jokes in a very funny manner.

As far as Bollywood is concerned, Sunil has done about seven films. Pyaar Toh Hona Hi ThaaThe Legend Of Bhagat SinghInsanFamilyGhajiniMumbai Cutting, and last but not the least – Zila Ghaziabad.

Coming to Comedy Nights With Kapil, sources close to the channel inform us, that the channel is now dabbling with the idea of starting a brand new show with Gutthi, and let Kapil Sharma do his own thing or get Gutthi back on the existing show.

Well, looks like it’s a huge ‘EGO’ issue with Kapil, who has suddenly become too big for his boots. Someone rightly said – it’s not easy to handle success and Kapil has just proved it right.


Comedy Nights With Kapil has BittooDadiBuaPalakMrs Sharma and last but not the least Gutthi. Out of all the above, one can very conveniently say that ‘Gutthi’ is the one that is on top of everyone’s mind.

In the recent weeks, Sunil who used to essay other characters as well has stopped doing so and was only concentrating on ‘Gutthi’. According to our sources, Kapil is feeling a bit insecured about the growing popularity for Sunil Grover aka Gutthi and there has been a rift between the two.

Gutthi‘s antics and songs have always left the audiences and the guests in split. But rumours say that Grover, the man behind ‘Gutthi’ has quit the show. (READ FULL STORY HERE)

Let’s see what Kapil Sharma has to say about this! As audience, what do you think? Should Sunil Grover return to the show as Gutthi? Let us know in comments below.