EXPOSED: The Truth Of Gauahar Khan In ‘Bigg Boss 7’


MUMBAI: ‘Bigg Boss 7’ is getting controversial each passing day; in a bid to drastically raise the falling TRPs. But, our story is about Gauahar Khan; a contestant on this reality show.

Looking at the way things are unfolding on the show (read: off the show as well!) one can convincingly say that “Gauahar Khan is a number” as she exactly knows how to talk, when to talk and what to talk.

Earlier, Gauahar chose to walk out of the show, after her “friend” Kushal was framed with charges of physical violence against VJ Andy. Apparently, according to Gauahar, Kushal was falsely implicated – and she called it “unfair” decision. But, now she has come back on the show – all sorted and ready to play the game on a different level.

Gauahar is mostly seen behaving as a ‘little sweet girl’ who is lost; and who always has an opinion, which she forces on others through her very loud voice. Our source confirms that her strategy on the show now is to make all the other contestants feel guilty for not supporting her or Kushal. She will be seen confronting Sangram, and will entirely make him feel guilty. She would even go to the extent of telling Sangram that he is not a good human being! And the reason: Sangram supported VJ Andy, and not her or Kushal.

Our source further reveals that Gauahar “is now flying too high” – and has firmed up her belief that “without her, ‘Bigg Boss 7’ is nothing”. Also, not to forget that the same is being portrayed on the show – that by returning on the show, Gauahar has done a huge favor to ‘Bigg Boss 7’.

But the truth is exactly opposite.

A source close to the reality show tells us about the events that unfolded at a hotel in Lonavla, where Gauahar and Kushal were made to stay after the exit.

The source says, “She (Gauahar) has struck a ‘deal’ with the makers. She has seen to it that Kushal has to make a re-entry in the house or she is not going back. That’s why you see her doing ‘Kushal, Kushal, Kushal…’ all the time.” Let’s not forget the fact that on Thursday’s episode, Gauahar wanted to shop for Kushal, while on Friday at the wishing wall, she wished for Kushal’s return.

“Who is she trying to fool? Doing all this she is expecting the viewers to feel that God has granted her wish, but the reality is she has already cracked a DEAL,” adds the source.

Our source also revealed to us that not only has she seen to it that Kushal comes back on to the show, she has also cracked a deal for her elder sister ‘Nigaar Khan‘ who is tipped to enter the show.

While, Nigaar has an issue. She is currently shooting for ‘Buddha’, which is being aired on Zee TV; and she has a genuine date problem. All her dates are assigned to Zee TV’s show. As we file this report, Nigaar is trying to work her dates out, so she can enter the house for a couple of weeks.

Kushal Tandon is tipped to enter ‘Bigg Boss 7’ post Diwali. Let’s see what happens. Do let us know what you think, in comments below!

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