Former Bigg Boss Contestant Sonali Raut’s This Picture Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons!


The all so famous model-turned-actor Sonali Raut is back in the limelight with a new image that she posted on the photo-sharing app Instagram. The ‘Great Grand Masti’ actress does know how to make heads turn because this isn’t the first time that she has posted something like this on the social media. She has earlier been the talk of the town due to her hot pics in bikinis.

The Bigg Boss 8 contestant is gaining lots of attention now again with the pic which features herself and Soni Singh, also a former Bigg Boss contestant. The image was captured at an angle which showed that Sonali Raut is leaning to kiss Soni Singh on the lips though the ex-Kingfisher model says, ”Don’t misinterpret this picture. We were just trying to kiss each other on the cheeks!! Got clicked at the wrong time I guess!”

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Only time will tell whether the actress’ move will be appreciated or not. People have started trolling her on Instagram already. Maybe she likes this attention maybe not and now the delete button would also not save her. The damage is done!

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