Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: You Won’t Believe Who Is Arvind Vegda’s New Partner!


Salman Khan’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss 9’ is all about ‘Double Trouble’ this time. Along with ‘double trouble’ for the contestants, as we all know the housemates are also tied up in jodis.

But the elimination from the house wouldn’t be in double; only one contestant will get evicted from the house each week. So according to the votes, Arvind Vegda’s partner Ankit Gera got evicted from the house in the first week itself.

Well, the show is all about being double, but as Ankit left the house on Sunday his partner Arvind was all alone with no partner and somewhere he must have also been happy that he is now free from that rope. The smartest person of the house ‘Bigg Boss’, can’t allow the contestants to be in peace.

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Just when Arvind must have thought that he is relieved and would move free without any partner, ‘Bigg Boss’ introduced a new partner to him. Now that Ankit is eliminated from the house, Bigg Boss has found a new partner for Arvind and its none other than a lifeless statue.

Yes you heard it right, now Arvind has to move with a mannequin wherever he goes. He will be tied up to a mannequin and we wonder what the new partner has for Arvind and that how it would trouble him!

With no doubt, Bigg Boss house is a place where things are unexpected and now it is clear that Bigg Boss is not going to spare any contestant in the house

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