Kapil Sharma Row: Colors Slap Legal Notice To Dadi And Guthi!


KApil-Sharma-Dadi-Gutti[tps_footer]”Comedy Nights With Kapil” is turning into a battle field of rivalry day by day. Kapil Sharma, most loved comedian, left CNWK and the channel replaced him with Krushna Abhishek and his team of “Comedy Classes ” but they failed to create that kind of TRP ratings and craze in public that the original artists and concept had created and now the show makers are losing interest in creativity and are more interested in rivalries.


Colors channel, CEO, Raj Nayak‘s dispute and differences were not enough with Kapil Sharma himself, who is now planning to do the same concept show like “Comedy Nights With Kapil” on a rival channel, but he will name it as “Comedy Style“. He is furious over Colors channel and the show makers and Kapil will soon oblige them with his signature move of “Babaji Ka Thullu” in the coming days by shaking hands with rivals. And now, CEO, Raj Nayak has hit official notices to both, Ali Asgar, who play’s “Dadi” and Suniel Grover, who play’s “Gutthi” in CNWK.

It is reported by a source close to the channel that, Ali and Suniel were going to play their show characters “Dadi” and “Gutthi” in a live show called Da-Bang which is going to happen in Surat on Feb 19. It may also be attended and publicized by Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez following their movie “Kick”, that they did together and rocked the box office.

But both, Ali and Suniel, didn’t take permission from the channel yet and this news reached out to their channel’s CEO and he gave a legal notice to stop both, Ali and Suniel to perform as “Dadi” and “Gutthi” at any event. They can’t perform it on any channel, not even in any live shows or else they will face copyright charges against the channel.

Everything is mentioned in the notice about their do’s and dont’s. Like for example, Ali Asgar can’t even sport grey hair, a bun or behave like his Character “Dadi” nor can he play an old lady for any other show or films like he plays in CNWK, Suniel Grover, is asked not to wear ribbons like Gutthi or do anything that resembles like the character he is playing currently. So much of restrictions !! God.. these artists are having a tough time but still the CEO Raj Nayak is still very positive about things getting better and working out well.


I guess, a good understanding and co ordination between the channel, show makers and their artists can create the same magic again of “Comedy Nights With Kapil” instead of this creating this fuss. Ego clashes and a lot of differences will only create more and more troubles instead of things getting sorted. So, we are hoping to see CNWK the same way how it was earlier and hope the artists of this show stay out of legal trouble. Recently, Kiku Sharda was arrested for playing the character of “Rockstar Baba” Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, for another show which got him in big trouble and Baba’s followers protested against it.[/tps_footer]