Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover Feud: Now Is Navjot Singh Sidhu Quitting The Kapil Sharma Show?


After the Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover row, is Navjot Singh Sidhu quitting The Kapil Sharma Show?

The Kapil Sharma Show has been much in news – first for the spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover followed by the reports that Sunil might quit the show owing to the physical brawl. There is no clarity on that yet and we already hear Navjot Singh Sidhu might bid goodbye to the show owing to his new found political position.

Navjot Singh Sidhu, now a Punjab minister, has always said that his ministerial role will get full focus always, that will be his priority. Last year, Mr Sidhu’s wife Navjot Kaur had confirmed the news stating, “Sidhu will now completely focus on Punjab politics. And that is why he has recorded all the shows till September 30, and has already said goodbye to the cast.”

When a leading media agency quizzed the Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh about it, he stated, “We will have to ask our Advocate General to give us an opinion… whether a person who is a minister can do what he wants to do. It will depend entirely on what legal position is.” Does this mean that he doesn’t endorse Sidhu on a television show?

When asked about this to the cricketer-turned-politician, he said “People have elected me five times with my shows why should that change?” This came a day after Punjab CM said that Advocate General will have to be consulted.

The 53-years-old politician was one of the eight cabinet ministers who were sworn in with Amarinder Singh after the victory of Congress party in the state of Punjab.

His wife, Navjot Kaur, a former lawmaker, spoke her mind in a Facebook post: “Shooting for two shows takes only five hours a week and that also mostly on Saturday night. I think it is a meager time for a non-socially active God-fearing workaholic.”

Let’s see what comes out of this one. Will “thoko taali” become a thing of the past? Will we no longer see Sidhu sharing his words of wisdom in form of shaayaris?

Stay tuned for more updates.