Koffee With Karan Season 4: Akshay Kumar; Non Commital And Boring

Karan Akshay Cover PicThe eighth episode of Koffee With Karan Season 4 had Akshay Kumar as the solo guest. And in contrast to other episodes, Karan had a tough time pulling out information from Akshay.

In fact, Akshay looked very uncomfortable throughout the episode. The actor was dressed in shades of grey – not to miss the hideous looking silver shiny shoes – much in sync with the mood of the interview. Karan tried very hard to be his usual witty self with Akki but every time he fell flat as the star in question was tight lipped and reluctant to share any personal details about him.

So all we got to see was a dull and drab episode that just went on and on. The only good thing about this episode was Karan Johar‘s love for Twinkle Khanna or Tina as she is fondly called and some confessions that Johar made about the relationship he shares with Akshay’s wife.

Now this is what everyone saw, everyone wrote and everyone made fun of. What nobody saw is this:

One could make out that Akshay Kumar is very hurt and upset about never been roped in by big banners for their projects. The sarcasm was apparent in his conversation.

Akshay very carefully ducked the questions that could have highlighted his CASANOVA image and kept harping on the fact that he is a family man and loves his mother and his family all the way.

The fact that he focused so heavily on his respect and love for his family makes us wonder if there is much more than what meets the eye. Akshay was conscious, guarded and scared about saying anything.

Also the fact that Akshay did not participate in the rapid fire round goes to show that Akshay does not have the ability to laugh at either him or at others. He did not ruffle any feathers by saying the wrong things nor did he praise his colleagues. Very neutral. Very non-committal.

At the end of it, it was sad that Tina did not accompany her husband on the show or else we would have seen some fire works.


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