LOOK: ‘Bigg Boss 7’ Contestants Without Makeup!


Bigg Boss 7 is a game, a reality show, which often exposes the ‘real’ face of the celebrity contestants. While saying ‘real’ face, we don’t mean something else, but faces without makeup! Have a look at these pictures…


ALSO IN BIGG BOSS 7: Tanishaa Hits Back At Armaan, REAL Or FAKE?

Bigg Boss 7 and Tanishaa Mukerji. There’s a story to it. Tanishaa portrays herself on screen like she has no mind of her own. Why so?

Tanishaa has been caught smoking, getting too close to Armaan Kohli, getting into constant fights with the other housemates and last but not the least questioning the calibre and stature of the other celebrities who have been inducted into Bigg Boss 7.

One can look at all of this as a personal take, but then what one cannot fathom is the fact that this girl is actually okay being Armaan’s ‘DOOR MAT’.

Stop Blaming Salman Khan For Everything!

It’s all happening on Bigg Boss 7 – between Salman Khan and Gauahar Khan“Salman Khan, TIME OUT” – these were the four words that immortalized Imam Siddique in Bigg Boss 6. In Bigg Boss 7, Gauahar Khan is now going the same way.

So, is Gauahar Khan the next Imam Siddique? Read this and decide for yourself.

Imam in Bigg Boss 6 did try and create nuances for Salman Khan. But, he fell flat on his face and later had to resort to his own personal antics to attract votes. Gauahar Khan, we guess is following Imam’s footsteps, as she is always trying to create some trouble or the other. Brains behind Big Boss 7  are having fun at her expense. Probably, that’s the reason they try to put her always in the center – so trouble can be created. That’s the TRP strategy it seems. First give her abundant footage, such that it starts looking like ‘The Gauahar Khan Show’, and then laugh!

Salman Khan Desperate To Bring Back Credibility?

With Bigg Boss 7, Salman Khan is desperate to bring back the credibility to the entire brand of ‘Bigg Boss’. Yes, this is true. Here is something you must know, before you read further:

Bigg Boss 1, launched on November 3, 2006 was hosted by Arshad Warsi. Winner was Rahul RoyBigg Boss 2, launched on August 17, 2008 was hosted by Shilpa Shetty. Winner was Ashutosh KaushikBigg Boss 3, launched on October 4, 2009 was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Winner was Vindu Dara SinghBigg Boss 4, launched on October 3, 2010 was hosted by Salman Khan. Winner was Shweta TiwariBigg Boss 5, launched on October 2, 2011 was hosted by Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Winner was Juhi ParmarBigg Boss 6, launched on October 7, 2012 was hosted by Salman Khan. Winner was Urvashi Dholakia.

Now, it is Bigg Boss 7, launched on September 15, 2013 is being hosted by Salman Khan. (And who’s the winner for this season? Your guess is as good as mine! Let’s wait for the Grand Finale on December 29, 2013.)