Nach Baliye 7: Varun Dhawan Beats Rohit Nag 


Varun-RohitNach Baliye 7 recently saw the promotion of the dance extravaganza ABCD 2; that was one hell of an entertaining affair with spectacular dance acts & a very interesting Govinda quiz obviously that involved Rohit Nag.

It is now a known fact that Rohit Nag has got to be the biggest Govinda fan & his antiques also quite resemble the star, recently when Varun Dhawan was visiting the sets to promote his upcoming movie; the two got along like house on fire, the common factor being Govinda movies.

Varun’s father David Dhawan has directed 17 movies starring Govinda & apparently Varun has closely been a part of each movie & is fond of him. When he learnt about Rohit sharing the same likes, he requested a quiz; Shraddha Kapoor & Aishwarya also joined the boys.

Surprisingly Varun won the task, given Rohit’s madness for Chichi. Rohit jokingly touched his feet, ‘Guru nahi…Guru putra hi sahi…’ referring to David Dhawan.