OMG! Tanisha Upstages Gauahar In ‘Bigg Boss 7’, Kushal Responsible



Now, it has become ‘power play’ in Bigg Boss 7. And for the first time, the entire game seems to be taking a new course, and now in the centre of it all is Tanisha Mukerji. Such is her power.

It’s been almost ten weeks of Bigg Boss 7, and the titles of Miss Drama Queen or Miss Manipulator belong to Gauahar Khan. But, now a much stronger title holder has emerged, and that’s Tanisha. With the series of events that have unfolded in the house recently, Tanisha Mukerji is rendered as no more a simple, sweet and innocent girl.

Here is everything you wanted to know, straight from our source at Lonavla.

Tanisha’s stand: It’s very evident by now that Tanisha is seriously madly and truly in love with Armaan. She was recently even shown as making it clear that she may want to continue this ‘relationship’ even beyond the Bigg Boss 7 house.

Armaan’s stand: Non committal.

Kushal drops the first bomb, from his ‘evil’ plan: Kushal is now winning back trust of both, Armaan and Tanisha. He is happily playing mind games with most of the housemates. His first step: Kushal asks Armaan if he seriously loves Tanisha.

Armaan’s stand: Non committal.

Now, listen to this! Kushal runs to Tanisha, who he has already apologized to, and now in better terms with. So, Kushal tells her about his conversation with Armaan, and his ‘non committal’ stand on their relationship. He adds that the outside world, including entire media is full of Armaan and Tanisha’s relationship, and also that most people see them as genuinely in love.

The BOMB falls: Hell breaks loose, and Tanisha pleads Bigg Boss to let her in the confession room. In the room, Tanisha just doesn’t seem to stop crying. She pours her heart out to Bigg Boss, and almost begs him to let her out, as she does not want to stay in the house anymore. She pleads, and again pleads. But Bigg Boss convinces her, and tells her that she will only leave the house, if she gets the least number of votes.

Meanwhile, Kushal has already told Armaan about his conversation with Tanisha. When Tanisha comes out of the confession room, Armaan extends his hand, and she gives in immediately.

How much of this would actually be aired in tonight, Saturday, November 23, 2013’s episode, depends on Salman Khan. The content that goes on air every Saturday and Sunday is primarily decided by him, adds our source. But then, it’s our duty to give our patrons a ‘little extra’!

If I can send a message to Tanisha, it would be this: Please girl, don’t give in that easy. Take a stronger stand, nobody can just treat you like this. You deserve much better.

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