Piyush Sahdev’s Ex-Wife Akangsha Rawat Reacts On Him Being Found Guilty Of Rape Charges


‘Beyhadh’ actor Piyush Sahdev found guilty of rape charges pressed against him, ex-wife Akangsha Rawat finally reacts.

‘Beyhadh’ fame actor Piyush Sahdev was arrested by Versova Police on November 22nd.  Piyush was accused of raping a 23-year-old model. The model filed an FIR with the Versova Police Station against Piyush on November 20. Reportedly, the actor met the model via common friends. They soon moved in together. Allegedly Piyush even asked her to get married to him. Later the couple had a fight when the model found some inappropriate photographs of him with another girl. Later he refused to marry her.

Previously, Piyush’s siblings Gireesh Sahdev and Meher Vij commented on the rape charges by saying that they do not know much about the case.

Now, according to medical reports, Piyush has been found guilty of raping the model. Currently, Piyush is under judicial custody in the Arthur Road jail. Previously his bail plea was rejected by the court.

Earlier, Piyush’s ex-wife Akangsha Rawat said she did not want to get involved in this matter. She also said that she has not been in touch with her estranged husband since months. It was reported that Piyush was a wife-beater and that’s why Akangsha left him.
In the light of the recent events, Akangsha spoke to Spotboye and said, “While everyone is waiting for my quote, I know what my statement can do to Piyush’s reputation. But I’m still quiet. I hope and wish that his family can respect and value this gesture.”

She further added, “I don’t want to talk on that for now. But I will, very soon, I will talk on everything soon.”

Akangsha Rawat and Piyush Sahdev entered holy matrimony in 2012 after dating for a year and living in for 10 months. Recently the couple got separated and subsequently got divorced.