Quotes Of TV Actors on Teacher’s Day


Teacher-04 [tps_footer]Shilpa Shirodkar as Kamla Bai from Ek Mutthi Aasman

“On the occasion of Teacher’s Day I fondly remember my teacher from school, Ms. Sama. She wasn’t like one of the conventional teachers; whatever she said and taught us was so amazing that she actually became our friend through the course of time. We were six friends, who use to adore her and look up to her for any sort of help or advice regarding studies and even boys. We were lucky to have her as our class teacher for over 5 years, which is rare in school.
I remember when she was getting married and going to leave the country, she threw a party in her house for the whole class. This still remains one of my most memorable moments. I would also like to mention my Guru, Mr. Gopikrishna who taught me dance and anytime I’m complimented on being a good dancer, I feel that I owe it to him. Both my teachers hold a very special place in my heart”.

Yashpal Sharma as Bhagwandas from Neeli Chhatri Waale
“Mr. Uday Bhanu Hans, a national poet and the Hindi professor from my college in Haryana, is someone I still remember and talk to. What set him apart were his classes, where the likes of Mira, Surdas and Kabir were discussed in a manner that was most relevant to modern, contemporary life. The entire class would contribute to the discussions and listen up with rapt attention. His classes which included him also narrating mythological tales, used to transport us to a different world altogether. He was my favourite teacher and I learnt from him that mathematic formulae and theories are not all that make up your but you gain real learnings from life’s experiences. I share with great pride that I was his favourite student and even recently when I went back to meet him, he mentioned how proud he was of me. He has written an autobiography and has dedicated one entire chapter to me”.

Achint Kaur as Dee Dee from Jamai Raja
“My mom is a teacher and it’s a happy coincidence that I am born on the 5th of September, which is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. In my life as far as a teacher or a guru is concerned, it has always been her. She is an amazing teacher not just for me but for people across the world that have been taught by her. She still has her old students coming down to meet her whenever they are in town. In fact, she has more Facebook followers than I have and all of them are her students. She has been my guiding light, inspiration, guru and most of all my best friend. When she shifted to Bombay I started to realize that there are so many people in the industry I know because of her since they have been her students. In the spiritual sense, my second guru has always been my grandfather. I follow both of them and think that there is a lot of them in me”.

Vaishnavi McDonald as Shail from Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke
”Theatre director, Mr. Dinkar Jani is my mentor and guru in acting. During my initial days, I used to get nervous very easily and was very conscious about things. He was the one who introduced me to a mantra in acting that changed the way I saw the art completely and also changed me as an actor. His magic words were -“Don’t act, just react.” I feel that it was only after that, that I truly understood what acting was all about. I respect him and truly consider him my Guru. Furthermore, I believe Jesus Christ is and will be the greatest teacher to be known and he has truly taught me how to live.”

Mohit Malik as Samrat from Doli Armanon Ki
“I really admire and look up to a theatre personality, Mr. Raj whom I had the chance to meet early in my career, in 2006 after I shifted to Bombay. That moment changed my life because he really was the one, who I wouldn’t say taught me acting as I believe that acting isn’t something that can be taught but he was someone from whom I learnt a lot about the technicalities of the craft. I will always follow him and he is my Guru in acting. He is the one who changed my life and defined ‘real acting’ for me. I’m still in touch with him and make it a point to go attend his workshops whenever I get the time.”

Paridhi Sharma as Jodha from Jodha Akbar
”The best teacher I’ve had in life is a lady who taught me the basics of living. She taught me to smile in spite of failures and to be humble and grateful when life gives you success. She inspired me to follow my heart and made me realize that I am born for a reason and a mission and that I should live every day working towards achieving it. And the day when I become the reason for someone’s smile, she will accept me as her teacher… she is my Mother.”

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