Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif: What’s The Truth Behind Their Status?



The latest guests on Karan Johar‘s Koffee With Karan were cousins – Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.

While, Kareena Kapoor was full of pouts and still the Poo of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Ranbir Kapoor looked very out of place, and uncomfortable throughout the interview. It looked like Ranbir was heavily guarded and was weighing every single word that he spoke.

Kareena and Karan kept pushing Ranbir to talk about Katrina Kaif, but Ranbir was tight lipped about his ladylove. And Kareena was her usual self – outspoken, direct, a bit nasty – but that’s Kareena Kapoor, oops, Kareena Kapoor Khan for you!

Now, this is what everyone saw. But, there’s something which nobody saw, and is entirely different.

In 2010, just out of a relationship with Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor came on Koffee With Karan with Imran Khan. He flaunted his boyish charm and the playboy image on the show. Three years later, and totally in love with Katrina Kaif, Ranbir stayed guarded, edgy and very conscious. The only time one saw him have fun was the buzzer round when Karan asked them questions about their famous Kapoor family.

Ranbir this time around is madly, seriously and truly in love with Katrina, but the truth is that it’s Katrina who is taking her time to commit to the relationship, said a source close to both.

Ranbir’s parents especially, father Rishi Kapoor, has made it very clear that this time around if Ranbir needs to make an announcement about his girl, then it has to be for keeps. What’s strange is the fact that we have spotted Ranbir and Katrina together all the time – at parties, or a special occasions, even holidays, but why are they not coming out in open entirely and accepting their relationship?

Both are young, good looking, and single. What’s the big deal? But by doing what they are doing, they are providing more fodder for gossip!

In the end, my advice to both:

Ranbir: Dear, be man enough to own up your girl.
Katrina: Stop thinking about career, finally commit to a guy who loves you genuinely. Because, you will not be able to find someone who loves you as much as Ranbir.