Rashami Desai Finally Breaks Silence Over Her Link-Up With Siddharth Shukla!


On expressing how upset she was over her link-up rumours, Rashami said, “The rumours and link-ups with my co-stars are upsetting. Is it a crime to be a divorcee and a single woman? Does being a divorcee mean you can’t have a life?” One will remember that gossip about her alleged affair with Laksh circulated about a few pictures on them were seen on her Instagram account.

Rashami reiterated, “If I go out with my girlfriends, no one has an issue, but if I put up a post with a male friend or I’m seen chatting with a co-star, there is unnecessary speculation. What wrong am I doing that I’m being treated this way?

The actress also opened up that how professionally and at the personal level her life has become difficult after her divorce with Nandish Sandhu. She added, “Women have the right to live the way they want, and such reports affect the way people treat me on the set or think about me. I am scared of stepping out of the house, because of what people will think of me. In our society, men and women are looked at differently anyway, and that’s even truer if you are an actress. These reports are not letting me move on. Being a divorcee and single is very tough for me.

Rashami who is unaffected by the rumours said that her mother is quite hurt over the same and that has left her disheartened more. Also, her ex-husband Nandish has encouraged her to start a new life but the constant rumours are affecting her badly. She said, “I can’t imagine what my mother must have gone through. She cried after reading about the rumours, and that hurt me the most. I have never bothered to talk about rumours, but it was high time I spoke.”

Talking about her link-up with Siddharth Shukla, Rashami Desai cleared that he is just a co-star and a good friend. She also added saying that she shares a very friendly equation with her all co-stars.

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