Watch: Rohan Mehra EXPOSES Bigg Boss 10 Makers And How!


Bigg Boss 10 contestant Rohan Mehra has some shocking video for fans.

Rohan Mehra had a great journey on Bigg Boss 10. He faced criticisms, was nominated for the entire season, had bad fights, but still maintained his calm till the end.

Well now since the show is over, all the contestants are back to their own space.

Rohan Mehra has posted a video that will shock you. He wrote, I have nothing else to say after watching this video on the day of voting.just want to get over BB now …peace ✌️

Check it out:

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Rohan Mehra, who is currently on a work break, interacted live with his fans on twitter. Rohan had conducted several ‘Ask Rohan‘ session on Twitter, in which he answered the questions posted by his fans.

One of the fans asked Rohan Mehra that if he wants to share anything from Bigg Boss 10 house. That was not shown on the television. Rohan revealed, “Yes many things were not shown ..govinda ji praised me a lot ..bani used to back bite about me and Lopa… etc etc etc”

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