Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra’s Boyfriend Takes This SHOCKING Step After Her Closeness With Puneesh Sharma

puneesh bandgi kalra

Dennish Nagpal has broken-up with Bandgi Kalra seeing her growing closeness with the co-contestant Puneesh Sharma!

The controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 11 is going in a good flow. All thanks to the contestants and their efforts! While the contestants like Shilpa Shinde, Hina khan, Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma have been adding issues to the show with their fights and arguments, their co-contestants like Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma have been blossoming the house with their bond, which is growing stronger day by day. And as a result, Bandgi’s boyfriend, Dennis Nagpal has broken up with her outside the Bigg Boss house.

He has deleted all the pictures which the two of them had clicked together. He announced his break up with Bandgi on Instagram as one of his stories reads, “I have removed all pictures with @bandgikalra. Please don’t ask why I don’t have pictures if we were dating. P.S: She never deserved me.”

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For those who do not know, Bandgi and Puneesh have been bonding really well inside the Bigg Boss house. They are quite inseparable now and love spending time with each other. They are seen together even after the lights go off.

Bandgi and Puneesh never shy in holding each other’s hands, kissing or expressing their love in front of everyone. In fact, they were even spotted talking about the future of their relationship. While Bandgi was heard saying that she is scared of the consequences of their relationship because she already had a boyfriend, Puneesh said that she should break with Dennish and be with him!

Well, seems like now they can be together happily as Dennish himself has dumped Bandgi. But she is currently unaware of it. Wondering how she is going to react to what Dennish has done!

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