Bigg Boss 8 Breaking: Renee and Sonali Make Gautam Cry


As we revealed yesterday, four Bigg Boss 8 inmates were nominated (Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: Four Nominations Tonight). New wild card contestant Nigaar Khan was also seen getting a taste of struggling to live in the Bigg Boss 8 house. Today, captain Gautam Gulati has a luxury task to do in the Bigg Boss 8 house.

The task is about Gautam City, where Gautam Gulati, the captain of Bigg Boss 8 this week (Bigg Boss 8 Breaking: Gautam Gulati Is The New Captain) rules over his inmates. He, however, has 2 royal guards by his side- Puneet Issar and Dimpy Mahajan, who are his loyal workers.

We also saw in last night’s episode that Gautam will be having a special room, all to himself, from where he has to keep a tab on the Bigg Boss 8 slaves of the house through CCTV footages of the Bigg Boss 8 house.

Gautam Gulati was seen in the Bigg Boss 8 promos saying Lagegi Vaat, but we have received news that the contestants were the ones who actually made Gautam‘s ‘Vaat’.

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss Season 8 house : Click Here For Breaking Updates, Photos 

While Gautam Gulati is the Hitler of the house for the day, he is the one who was made to cry by recent wild card contestant Renee and Sonali.

Gautam again irritates the contestants by ordering them to keep their personal items with the guards, i.e. with Puneet Issar and Dimpy Mahajan. He ordered Sonali Raut to keep her make-up as well as cigarettes with the guards, which made Sonali cry. This got the whole Bigg Boss 8 house, except for Gautam, Puneet and Dimpy to go anti- Gautam.

The anti- Gautam campaign went to an extent where Renee and Sonali threw shaving foam on the posters of Gautam Gulati.

Of course, Renee, ex- contestant of Roadies 8- Shortcut To Hell was the whole mastermind of ruining Gautam‘s posters. And it is not hidden that Sonali Raut can go to any extent to take revenge to someone. Also, if one is to note, Sonali and Gautam seperated paths right after getting way too close, giving Sonali yet another reason to ruin Gautam. So, Sonali Raut joined the league and ruined Gautam‘s posters.

Salman Khan rightly says in the Bigg Boss 8 promos, “Yeh Safar Hoga Mast, Kyunki Twists Honge Zabardast.” Now finally after such a long time Bigg Boss 8 seems to find track of how to entertain the auidences!

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