Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: Eviction This Week


Praneet-Evicted Praneet Bhatt Is Evicted This Week From Bigg Boss 8 House..

[tps_footer]In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 8, the show opened with the heartfelt condolences to all the lives lost in the ‘Peshawar incident’ by Salman Khan. Later a psychiatrist was invited on the stage to give the reasons and opinions on the behavior of the contestants.

Salman khan started of by asking about the Gautam Gulati’s misunderstood personality.

Later he asked about sudden drastic transformation in Upen Patel’s behaviour.

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Coming on to Karishma and Puneet’s equation the doctor said that the two always had tiffs because they both are strong headed and stubborn and there was nothing wrong in either of them.

There were videos shown to the housemates of the Hijack task that happened previously in the first part of the season comparing it to the recently-happened task and how everyone’s tantrums, reactions and outburst have changed over a period of time.

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