Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: Karishma Wins The Immunity Task

Bigg-Boss-KarishmaWe, Businessofcinema broke the story of the museum task in Bigg Boss 8 house and now we bring to you the ‘Immunity Task’ given by Bigg BossPritam Singh, who is currently the captain of the house, was asked by Bigg Boss to give three names, he thinks could be genuinely considered for immunity for the next week’s nominations. The captain was given some time to interact with the housemates before zeroing down on three names. Based on the interaction Pritam decided to nominate Karishma Tanna, Praneet Bhatt and Dimpy Mahajan for the immunity Task.
Further giving explanations as to why he thinks the following names deserve to get the immunity he said, Karishma Tanna has a go getter attitude, and despite having injured badly in her head she still stands strong and is dedicated towards winning in any situation.  Dimpy and I have not known each other well and so by giving her this opportunity we both might get to know and understand each other better. Clarifying his nomination of Praneet, Pritam said, according to me, Praneet puts across opinions in a very subtle and mature manner avoiding disputes.
After the captain made his announcement, Karishma, Praneet and Dimpy were given a task to compete for immunity that could get one of them safe from the next week’s nominations. The set up of the task was, three poles were placed in the swimming pool, and each had a yellow board attached below the water level where they had to stand before the buzzer rings for the task to start. On the second buzzer the three of them had to stand on an inch in size metallic stand with the support of holding the pole and balance themselves. The one who lasted for the longest was the winner. It must have been quiet disappointing for Pritam to see Praneet giving up in 5 minutes.  The competition was then between the two beauties, Karishma and Dimpy; and the result was surprising, Karishma Tanna who suffered sever head injury and got three stitches won the task despite being in the pain.
Hence, with this win, Karishma Tanna is safe from the next week’s nominations.

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