Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: New Captain Karishma VS Pritam


As we,, broke the early stories of the Bigg Boss 8 museum task, Karishma Tanna getting injured and winning the immunity task; here we bring you yet another breaking story of the new captain of the house.

Pritam Singh, who donned the captain’s hat last week, came up with a decision that raised the eyebrows of the fellow contestants. Early the day, Bigg Boss instructed Pritam to inform the housemates about the soon to be announced captaincy task.
And before the task, housemates were supposed to decided among themselves as to whom they would like to nominate for the captaincy task. And being the captain, Pritam was given the choice to select one contestant to compete against Karishma in the captaincy task. And it came as a shocking surprise when Pritam nominated himself to compete with Karishma Tanna for the captaincy task.
The other contestants were disappointed with his decision, but did not express it in front of him, as he being the captain, had the upper hand. After putting in their efforts and trying their best to achieve the captaincy, both Pritam and Karishma were on high spirits. And finally it was Karishma Tanna who won the task and is now the new captain in the Bigg Boss house.
Must say, Karishma with all the pain in the head, stood strong and has come up as a fighter.
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