Bigg Boss 8 Breaking Task Revealed: Karishma, Praneet And Ali Turn Thieves; Karishma Injured

BB8-Task-RevealedWe, early today broke the story of new captain in the house (Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: Renee Leaves, And The New Captain Is..) and the nominations(Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: Five Nominated Tonight). We now bring to you yet another breaking news from the Bigg Boss 8 house and it is the new and interesting task of Thieves and the Keepers.
A museum like set is created inside the house, which has few animal figures. The housemates are divided into two teams. First, the caretakers or the keepers of the museum and second the thieves.
Upen Patel, Sonali Raut, Dimpy Mahajan, Diandra Soares, Gautam Gulati, Puneet Issar are the caretakers of the museum and have to make sure that nothing from the museum gets misplaced or lost.The other team comprise of Karishma Tanna, Praneet Bhatt and Ali Quli, who are the thieves and have to rob the museum. Pritam Singh is the captain and so he wont be participating in wither of the teams, and will just supervise the task.
If there is something that has the capability to fueling the stable environment in the house, and creates a ruckus between the housemates is the tasks. Each and every task has been interesting and has created ripples of misunderstandings and rage between the housemates.
Well, there is nothing less to have occurred in this task as well. With contestants getting focused and involved in the task, that they either end up hurting the fellow contestant or contestants or hurt themselves. In this museum task of thieves and keepers, Karishma Tanna has hurt herself badly in the head leading to severe bleeding. Seeing the situation getting worse, Bigg Boss has sent in a doctor to examine Karishma and give her medication.
Now what will this injury result into, we will have to wait and watch…

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