Bigg Boss 8: Day 66 Recap: Selfish Renee Dhyani Makes Karishma Tanna Cry



Renee was being ignored by P3G group in Bigg Boss 8 house, and she is out to take revenge!

Because on day 65 Upen refilled the battery of the app, yesterday Ali, Pritam and Karishma were able to be a part of the task.

While Sonali had already ruined more than half the battery by choosing 2 wishes, Renee completely refused to help recharge the battery.

If Ali got to go on a date with his real life girlfriend in the Bigg Boss 8 house, Pritam also met his wife (although through a glass pane) and his son (who came to the dearest father and was introduced to the Bigg Boss 8 housemates). It was a very special moment for all Pritam Pyaare fans, who saw the soft, sensitive and a little romantic side of the usually decent Pritam. All the Bigg Boss 8 contestant were a part of sharing Pritam‘s happiness, except for Renee who locked herself in her bed.

Karishma Tanna also had an opportunity to meet her mother, but enough battery was not available for the same. She could only meet her mother when Renee would agree to perform the task of colouring her hair, which Upen clearly did, because of whom Karishma even got a chance to fulfill her wish.

Upen looked very similar to Saif Ali Khan‘s look in the movie Go Goa Gone, and was infact even told the same by Bigg Boss 8 contestants.

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss Season 8 house : Click Here For Breaking Updates, Photos 

If Karishma had to meet her mother, she needed 32%, while her battery left was only 22%. When she approached Renee, Renee gave the reason that she was very disappointed with people talking cruel at her back (referring to P3G), and she told Karishma that the latter could meet her mom anytime since her mom lives in Mumbai, but Renee could not meet her mom. Hence Karishma did not force Renee for the task.

Since the battery was not going to be charged any further, Karishma Tanna had 3 options- of choosing make-up, another task that requires 22% or a task that requires 21%. Karishma first chose the task that required 21% because she wanted other contestants to be happy too. But Bigg Boss told Karishma that the battery could not be charged and hence she chose her make- up set which costed her the full battery percentage! Now, while Renee was already facing flak from Sonali, who rather called Renee selfish, inspite of eating up the battery right in the beginning; Karishma also got added to the list.

Karishma got the battery to 0% which ended the task which led to Puneet not being able to ask for a wish. When approached, she said that I received my make- up, I dont care about the luxury task. This gave Dimpy a hinch, who then spread the word of Karishma showing her selfish side once again.

All in all, the luxury task needed a lot of sacrifices in order to see some smiles that were too bright the sacrifices could be down shadowed for a while. Praneet sacrificed his date, Upen sacrificed his original hair and also put his hands in cowdung, only to help his Bigg Boss 8 inmates, while Puneet had to sacrifice his task all together.

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