Bigg Boss 8: Diandra Soares Left Heart Broken By Gautam Gulati’s Statement?

Bigg Boss 8 is all about Drama, Entertainment, Fights and laughter but is it really about love? Even if it is, is it real or reel love?
We saw a lot of things happen, a lot of people enter and exit from Bigg Boss’s house and then we saw some romantic moments take place between participant Gautam Gulati and the evicted contestant Diandra Soares, and it made us wonder was this all for real or reel? The attraction and fire between the two was so noticeable and kind of adorable to watch.
The recent episodes before Diandra got evicted, raised a lot of questions among people, thanks to all the intimacy between the two. It pretty much seemed that the two were a thing but the statement made by Gautam Gulati recently took it back to square one. Apparently, Gautam Gulati denied rumours of him and Diandra being anything more than ‘just good friends, least a couple.
But what more confuses us is Diandra’s recent tweet. The model posted a picture in which she is cozied up against Gautam Gulati on Twitter with a caption “Going to sleep wt happy positive thoughts, stay strong GG, I miss u too n I believe this was real & true..sweetdreams”.

Going by the tweet it seems as if Diandra’s bit disappointed by what Gautam said about their relationship and maybe this is her way of saying that for her, they were more than ‘just good friends’. Let’s see what’s next for the two. We hope things take a good turn for them and for their fans, too.

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