Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati The Entertainer Or The Torturer?


Bigg Boss 8 may be boring, but Gautam Gulati has had a fun ride inside the house, and he sure is an entertainment factor amongst the audiences!

Gautam Gulati‘s journey of fame in the Bigg Boss 8 house began with the huge Karishma Tanna fight during a task, right after which the contestants were to move into the new Bigg Boss 8 house they are staying in. While Gautam daringly told Karishma Tanna to put chilli powder on him, she overdid the powder, which made Gautam abusive, and inspite of Puneet Issar treating Karishma with more respect, the latter started screaming of ‘women power’ thus degrading the women power (because Gautam Gulati sincerely apologised, cried and hugged Karishma Tanna to forgive him for his act!) Right after that, all housemates, including good friends Diandra Soares and Upen Patel went against Gautam Gulati and are till date not very good to him.


Views On The Gautam- Karishma Fight



Gautam Gulati may be a loner in the house, but he is the most loved too!


Gautam Gulati Has The Highest Followers On The Bigg Boss 8 Website

Those who supported Gautam Gulati in some way or the other in the Bigg Boss 8 house were Puneet Issar, Pritam Singh and Praneet Bhatt; the former being the most supportive! And thus formed the P3G group that was unbreakable and most loved outside the Bigg Boss 8 house, leading being Gautam Gulati, who finally is the captain of the Bigg Boss 8 house this week! (Bigg Boss 8 Breaking: Gautam Gulati Is The New Captain)

Recently, Dimpy Mahajan broke Group P3G by seperating Praneet and Pritam from Puneet and Gautam. Now Pritam hugged it out with Gautam and he is back in the group, and last night we saw Praneet also tell Gautam that he will talk about friendship once the task gets over. Sonali Raut had also earlier tried to break the group by attracting Gautam towards her, but then Gautam saw her true colours and he rather exposed her in his #GautamCity rule. He also punished Praneet for smoking inspite of Gautam and Ali Quili Mirza‘s refusal.

Gautam was also appreciated by none other than Salman Khan because he was the first captain in the house who picked up the broom and worked along with Bigg Boss 8 housemates, rather than ordering them to work!


While Gautam has tried to pick up small fights amongst the housemates, he has been handling the house almost well in his rule of captaincy. While we have seen Praneet accusing Gautam of entertaining the audience at the cost of Bigg Boss 8 contestants, the audience watching Bigg Boss 8 still love Gautam! We have already shown you earlier, and now you see it again, by Bollywood actor Ritesh Deshmukh, who is an avid follower of Bigg Boss 8!

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