Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Ajaz Khan Calls Farah Khan Unfair



After creating problems and fights in the house, Ajaz Khan was thrown out of Bigg Boss 8.

During his disqualification from the house, Ajaz Khan claims to the Bigg Boss 8 team that Farah Khan has been unfair to him. He also stated that Farah called him boring person and not an entertainer anymore.

Ajaz also added that if Farah Khan is the biggest fan of Bigg Boss, then how can she feel boring when he talks about last seasons. He claimed that the whole situation has been unfair to him.

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Ajaz said, “If Salman was there, the channel would’ve had a hard time explaining why I was removed from the house,”.

However, Bigg Boss has declared that they will stick to their policy and will not allow Ajaz Khan to enter the house again.

On January 08, Ajaz wished Farah Khan on twitter, : Happy wala birthday ma’am @TheFarahKhan I wanted to show u my talent more but injustice happen with me. allah bless u

But “all is fair in love and war” for Ajaz Khan. He has moved on to Mumbai after the eviction and is busy shooting his upcoming movie Love- Day.

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