Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: And Its Another Task For Rs 25 Lakh

BIgg-Boss-TasksAnd the task for Rs 25 lakh is still on in Bigg Boss 8 !

It is the third time Bigg Boss is organizing Rs 25 Lakh task for the contestants. In the coming episode, you will see Bigg Boss introduced a new task in order to win Rs 25 Lakh called ‘Aakhri Seedhi’. The task was to decide which team would take the amount.

The task had two ladder structures in the garden area. One in red and other in green. The two teams had to put their steps in order to finish the structure of step ladder. There was a golden bag hung in the garden area, which the winners could walk away with.

Challengers team had five green steps that belonged to the Champions, whereas Champions held five red steps of the Challengers team. Both the teams were supposed to finish building their respective ladders.

So, both the teams were suppose to keep the opposite team’s steps safe from being stolen but had to steal theirs out. Once the step was stolen, the same could be fixed up on the wooden stand only after the buzzer rang.

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Like always Ali Quli Mirza used his smart brain to play this task. Secretly Ali reached out to the opposite team when Gautam and Dimpy were busy planning how they will steal the ladders of the opposite team.

Dimpy and Gautam were absolutely shocked to know how finely Ali took off those ladders of their team during the task.

Later Pritam and Karishma both from opposite teams came into an argument because of past anger and incidents. Karishma started speaking all the things that Pritam had shared with him. She also spoke of the incident, where Pritam told her that he didn’t feel the fondness for Gautam like before and that he didn’t consider him friend Dil se.

All this happened during the task and when it is about Rs 25 Lakh, we are sure fights and truth would come out as it is last week of Bigg Boss 8 to end.

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