Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Aww Moments Of Gautam Gulati


bigg-boss200Bigg Boss 8 is biggest and popular reality show all over. From its very first edition, ‘Bigg Boss‘ has been making headlines and to top it all, the show has popular film personalities as presenters.

This season of Bigg Boss 8 has got one of the best contestant Gautam Gulati this year. The handsome hunk and the TV actor known for his role in Diya and Baati Hum has created big image on this show.

The actor has created a huge victory by winning thousand hearts out who are watching him as an audience. Bigg Boss 8 wouldn’t have been same without Gautam Gulati surely. There is no way you can deny the fact that Gautam has gained a lot of fans especially female fan following.

Not just by Salman Khan but Gautam is surely getting a lot of attention by the new host Farah Khan of Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol series.

Gautam has spent some good and bad moments in Bigg Boss house. Some of the moments will surely making you feel aww! While some have been depressing for the actor who was left out in the show at some point.

Let’s take a look on Gautam Gulati’s some moment spend inside the Bigg Boss house.