Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Breaking: Nominations Tonight




Farah Khan walks on the stage of Bigg Boss 8 for her first Weekend Ka Halla Bol. On Saturday with Farah Ki class, Farah Khan tried to understand the reasons of every contestant to know what actually went wrong during multiple fights last week.

We all know Ek Number Mannas Ajaz Khan was thrown out of the house for his wrong actions against Ali Quli Mirza. Farah tried understanding Ali that he is wrong and she also claimed that he has played very well game to remove Ajaz Khan out.

On Saturday there were no evictions from the house. The contestants were not aware that there were no evictions as the twist was kept under wrap.

On Saturday in weekend ka Halla Bol Farah Khan kept the twist of no evictions till the end. The contestants who were nominated were Sambhavna Seth, Mahek Chahal and Ajaz Khan. Ajaz Khan was already out of the house in the middle of the week.

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The new host played the game of nominations with the contestants till the end. Later she declared that there are no evictions and all the contestants are safe.

Now, its time for another nominations today,in Halla Bol nomination special. Nominations happened in most sweetest and unique way.

Only Champions were given right to vote against Challengersexactly like last week. Each champions was asked to give one reason and nominate three challengers by cutting one ballon for each with a reason.

Since Gautam is the part of Challengers team now he was also part of getting nominated this week.

Who were the ones finally nominated? Did Champion’s save Gautam  Gulati?

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