Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Its UPMA For Farah Khan


Farha-Khan-Bigg-BossThe most awaited Bigg Boss 8: Weekend Ka Halla Bol is back with Farah Khan. The moment Farah Khan entered she started singing ‘Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche’ hinting the new couples Karishma and Upen. The couples looked very nervous as they got the hint that their kiss ka kissa has aired on television.

Farah Khan started taking class of each and every contestant one by one. She asked Rahul if he won the show whom would he like to give the prize amount. Rahul instantly replied that he would give amount to Pritam.

Next moment was the most awaited, Karishma was called inside the Katghada. Farha asked her questions which were in everyone’s mind like why did she take stand against Rahul only after Upen came back? And, why did she bring out Dimpy’s personal stories on national television? Karishma got trapped like always.

Karishma and Dimpy started arguing badly on high tone while Farah Khan stood silence and heard them. She later replied only one thing that in entire call centre task she like Rahul Mahajan as best as he was calm and didn’t get offended of Karishma’s claim and rude behaviour. Rahul was overwhelmed by the comment of new host Farah Khan.

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We know how straight forward Farah Khan is. She directly said contestants that do not argue with her.  While Karishma clarifies that Dimpy was removing her personal life stories out so she named Dimpy for the tabadla. Farah Khan tells that she is completely upset by Karishma’s decision to send Dimpy in challengers during tabadla decision.

Besides grilling Karishma, Farah brought out some fun moment out. She started teasing Upen and Karishma. She asked Upen if he is really taking Karishma to Paris. Farah said now since the love story wasn’t hidden anymore, she would now call them UPMA, and this made everyone around laugh.

Now it’s time for eviction. As we know Sana Khan, Rahul and Sambhavna are nominated.

Rahul is safe, Now the eviction is between Sana and Sambhavna.

Stay tuned to to know who gets evicted

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