Bigg Boss 8 With Kapil Sharma: Sonali, Karishma And Dimpy’s Hot Item Number


bigg boss 8 kapil sharma1[tps_footer]After seeing fights and much controversies in the Bigg Boss 8 house, last night was an evening filled with a laughter riot, all thanks to Kapil Sharma. Bigg Boss Salman Khan was out celebrating his 49th birthday tonight, so Kapil Sharma took over as the host.

The Comedy Nights With Kapil family, Kapil Sharma (Bitoo), Gutthi, Palak, Bhua, Dadi and Siddhuji entered the Bigg Boss 8 house and left the audience in splits.

Kapil was busy entertaining everyone with his liners. Gutthi then entered the house in her signature steps. Along with Gutthi was seen her Parchaiye- Ali Quli dressed identical to Gutthi and shocked everyone. They did the Gidda and made all the contestantts dance.

Next was Bhua, where she did a sizzling dance with Puneet Issar, as he hadn’t got a chance to romance anyone in the house.

After Bhua, Palak entered the show. She chose Upen and Gautam as her groom. There was a competition, whoever would not be able to lift her, would be her groom. Gautam could not lift Palak, Upen easily lifted her. Gautam then very sportingly danced with Palak.

Next entry in Bigg Boss 8 house was Dadi, she gave Puneet and Pritam the trademark ‘Shagun Ki Pappi’.She then asked the girls to perform. So Dimpy performs to Piya Tu, Karishma danced on Happy New year’s item number Lovely. Sonali did a hot dance on Chikni Chameli. Karishma pulled Kapil on the stage. And at the end, all the housemates and the team of Comedy Nights With Kapil were on the floor. It was a treat to watch their performance.

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