Bigg Boss 8: Why Salman Khan’s Show Not Working?

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 bigg-boss19[tps_footer]Bigg Boss may be the most shameless reality show on TV, but it always manages to get high TRPs. It made stars out of nobodies and even helped people get job. No wonder that it is still running despite offensive. But this season of Bigg Boss 8 failed to repeat the glory attained by previous seasons. The desperation on the part of the Channel to spike up interest in it is clearly evident. So we tried to find out what didn’t work this time.

This season of Bigg Boss 8, Colors desperately got Salman Khan to agree and do yet another season (after hiking his fee of course). The moment they managed to bag Salman Khan, the channel scrambled to find interesting contestants. But hasty selections landed them a bunch of people who nobody wants to watch.

The makers didn’t really go all out to get an interesting mix of contestants. The selection process was a turn down, and now the makers are desperate and have already introduced three wild card entrants within a week.

The start of the show seemed very week when the contestants had to live in a plane and had to sleep on reclining chairs and share the same toilet. It didn’t bring much excitement.

Worse, contestants who were supposed to add masala and fights to the milieu are also playing it safe. The only time it saw a spike in TRPs is when Parineeti Chopra played a sadist prank on Ali Quli. Parineeti in her defence said that the producers came to her with the idea and said it would get the episode high ratings. This cheap prank didn’t go down well with viewers, and Parineeti earned much flak.

Very rightfully Salman Khan has always said in the Bigg Boss 8 promos “Yeh safar hoga mast, kyunki twists honge zabardast!” But it seems these twists and turns have not been digested well by the viewers. Well, we think the show should take a break next! Much needed.

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