SHOCKING! Bigg Boss 10 Fans Reveal That Their Votes Are Getting Diverted


We all are very well aware that Bigg Boss is one of the most celebrated reality shows today. The show is loved and watched by a huge number of people and it tests human psychology and deals with human behavior. But a constant conjecture has always been there that the show is a scripted one. While we were still dealing with this fact a more recent incident has now captured our attention- the voting system!

There has been a huge debate on the authenticity of the show since years because various celebrity participants have claimed that the happenings inside the Bigg Boss house, evictions and even the winner are pre-decided. But there are discussions around the internet claiming that the voting system of the show is biased.

Some people on Twitter claimed that their votes were being diverted. The people said that their votes for Bani were being diverted to Monalisa. People even gave proofs and posted screenshots of messages which stated that their votes went to the wrong person. Later others came and stated that their votes were redirected and even if they are voting for other contestants their votes are simply going to Bani J. Now the fans think that the makers of Bigg Boss are upto some mischieve and are diverting their votes.

Recently, Priyanka Jagga, who was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house by none other than Salman Khan claimed that Bigg Boss is scripted. Later an ex-contestant  Diandra Soares, who was a contestant on the eighth season of the show, asked the fans to stop “wasting their money” on voting for their favorites since everything was already pre-decided.

After all such candid revelations from the contestants as well as the fans, we also think that something fishy is surely going on.