SHOCKING: ‘Bigg Boss 7’ An Entirely Biased, Rigged Show?



They say ‘content is king’. And, that’s also the top priority of the makers of Bigg Boss 7. With content comes TRPs, and with TRPs comes a flourishing bank account!

If you are closely watching Bigg Boss 7, there are series of events on the show, which might raise few questions. To add to it, the reactions of the housemates on the same, and partial decisions that Bigg Boss himself has been a party to. For instance, Armaan Kohli has been breaking rules after rules, he is abusive beyond imagination, but he has been rarely reprimanded.

Before you shoot your guns and bring Salman Khan into this, let me warn you: my story is not about Mr. Khan. My story is about the decisions taken by production team, and what they strongly ask the host to do. Why has Armaan been allowed to always go so easily, compared to others? Answer is: he is the KING of Bigg Boss 7, because ‘content is king’, and he is giving them ample of it. Each time anybody is nominated, they end up fighting with Armaan, and it’s now almost a given. There is a fight with Armaan, which later becomes dirty, very dirty. Result: they are either saved from eviction, or manage to bag some TRPs and few media articles in their kitty.

Tanisha Mukerji too falls in that zone. In spite of tremendous pressure from her family, and also from the film industry equally, why are the producers not letting her go? She is getting physical now and then with the ‘monster’ Kohli, some of which is so below the belt, that it couldn’t make it to the 9PM slot allotted to the show. Why is this happening? Because, it’s simple: if there’s no Tanisha, there’s less TRPs. Remember the way Armaan made a slang gesture inviting her towards him when he returned from the secret room? Wasn’t that a cheap way of calling a woman, who apparently is madly, deeply in love with him, and after seeing that all on secret TV? Is this a dignified way of addressing a woman?

And Tanisha? What did she do? She was more than keen to go and hug the monster. They are still on the show. Why? Is this all justified? The way personal information of each housemate is being revealed on the show during the nasty fights, the way they are abusing each other, is this worth the money?

The people who could have got credibility to the show were the ones who were shown the door too early: Shilpa and Apurva Agnihotri – in this age of fast love, where could you see a married couple so madly in love with each other, and their way of expressing love was so dignified; Ratan Rajput – a girl who didn’t get ample time to stay in the house, because she couldn’t fight, she couldn’t fall below the belt; Asif Azim – the one who couldn’t get along, because of being bullied and except Heaven, nobody really understood his language; and last Elli Avram – because she was too innocent to even know what being manipulative means.

There’s one good guy remaining on the show still: VJ Andy. But how long will he survive?

And here’s the shocking part: if you thought Madam Gauahar Khan is the most manipulative one in the house, wait. What if you come to know that the producers and the channel are equally manipulative, if not less? Surprised? Here’s the truth:

Last week there was no eviction. Normally, ‘no eviction’ week is reserved for festivals. But last week, the producers used it, as part of their well thought strategy. The eviction was called off because Sofia Hayat became the captain that week.

From our various sources, we have learnt the same thing. Last week Kamya, Armaan, Andy, Tanisha, Ajaz and Sangram were nominated. Each one of them is providing ample content to the show. Producers wanted Sofia to be nominated, but she became the captain! They have no control on the decisions the housemates make, but yes, they do have control on whom to throw out of the show, and whom to keep. A last minute meeting was called, and it was decided to declare it ‘no eviction’ week. Sofia got a bonus week.

It was a forgone conclusion that this week Sofia will be nominated, and that’s what happened. This week’s nominations for eviction are Sofia, Sangram, Kushal and Andy. The producers also don’t have control on votes (Or maybe they do, but our sources are not in the position to verify or confirm this). But, yes, they do manipulate things they show – in terms of how much footage to give to ones who are nominated, and how to project them, and how to tactfully cut off few things from the conversations – just like a typical ‘saas-bahu’ drama! Let’s see what happens this weekend!

Before, I conclude, I do want to ask you a serious question: after today, Tuesday, December 3, 2013’s episode, do we really enjoy people fighting like this over petty issues? Right before, Bigg Boss 7 airs, you can see Drashti Dhami, as Madhubala crying, and crying, and crying; and then comes the 9PM slot of fights, and fights, and fights. Hiroo Johar ji, Kareena Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Kohli and many many more who watch the show regularly: do you really enjoy such below the belt fights, which always end up in personal muck being thrown, and unbearable shouting and screaming, and nowadays pushing each other in the name of a task has become so common. Do we really enjoy all this?

If your answer is YES, then I have nothing more to say, and the producers are doing the right thing, by rigging Bigg Boss 7. After all, ‘content is king’ – good, bad or ugly, who cares, right?

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