SHOCKING: ‘Bigg Boss 7’ Insider Reveals Sensitive Details


MUMBAI: The ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house has now become a place full of controversies, unexpected so far! A contestant recently was shown the door for experimenting violence. 

What’s the cause for all this? Find out here…

Gauahar Khan had issues with VJ Andy trying to flaunt her personal belongings, but the point is that why did she let him go so far? It was a task. She could have taken it as a task and moved on. If she was feeling that Andy was crossing the line then why did she not react and stop Andy? Why did she not run to the confession room in ‘Bigg Boss 7’ and complain?

From this source within the house (somebody who is evicted as of now), we have learnt that VJ Andy had cracked the same joke with Gauahar Khan much earlier as well. There’s a history to it.

Reveals the source, “See, Gauahar had a serious wardrobe malfunction once on the ramp, during her modeling days. In the first week itself Andy had satirically passed a comment on this incident. Plus, there’s a term in modeling industry which is common. It was a joke. Gauahar not only laughed out on the joke, but even added more of her personal details to it. This is how Andy got to know about the so called ‘private’ details as she mentions now. And trust me, Andy is a sweetheart. He is like a little innocent kid, totally entertaining. Yes, he goes out of control sometimes, but there was no need to make such a big issue out of it.”

Photos of this infamous malfunction are included in the slideshow to refresh your memories.

Coming back to the episode: once the task was over, Gauahar went to Andy to complain and told him, ‘how could he do something like this to someone he has called his sister’. On this our source adds, “Where was this sister when she herself revealed those private details to Andy in the first week? Meine jitna bhi dekha hai andar rehke, Gauahar herself encouraged Andy on such topics. Aur woh joke, itna bhi koi serious nahi tha. In our industry it’s a very very common thing. I just got to know that they didn’t even air this on TV.”

Gauahar very well knew that Kushal Tandon would flare up and things will go out of hand which happened.

Is this act justified? What is your take on this? Let us know in comments below!

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