SPOILER ALERT! Beyhadh Has Taken A Major Leap Again To Save Show

Beyhadh is all set to show some more crazy thrilling scenes with the upcoming kidnapping and time leap.

The thriller show ‘Beyhadh’ has taken yet another time jump. Jennifer Winget’s interesting avatar as an obsessive lover and wife has made fans stick to the show for a while. It managed to even get an extension for the show but now has unfortunately begun losing interest and thus TRP’s.

Only seen recently, Arjun played by Kushal Tandon was in jail in an unexpected time leap. Now once again, the creators of the show will use a leap to create some interest.

Reports claim that Beyhadh will take a five-year leap and this time Maya (Jennifer Winget) will be prepping to take revenge on Saanjh and Arjun as they are going to get married.

Currently, the show is a cliffhanger with Maya behind bars. Arjun now wishes to marry Saanjh but Saanjh is conflicted and believes Arjun wants to marry her not because he loves her but only to teach Maya a lesson.

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But then Arjun gets kidnapped and Maya is trying her best to escape from jail. We still aren’t sure who kidnaps Arjun but Saanjh is assuming its Maya’s evil plans.

Maya is also seen taunting Saanjh, claiming that she couldn’t take care of Arjun. Saanjh is furious and warns Maya that she wouldn’t leave her if anything bad happened to Arjun. Saanjh also admits that she can become into Maya anytime if it means protecting Arjun.

Ayaan and Saanjh then embark to find Arjun via the kidnap vehicle but are unable to get any help. We have always seen Saanjh as the good girl following rules but looks like this time she will be turning bad to get her best friend and love Arjun back to safety.

The show ‘Beyhadh’ is getting crazier and we can’t wait to find out who actually kidnapped Arjun!

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