S*x Racket Involving Bollywood Biggies Busted!


SSS[tps_footer]A small time actress and model from Mumbai has been arrested for allegedly running a s*x racket under the disguise of a production house and it is one of the most shocking events of the month. Apparently, a ‘so-called’ model and actress named Rekha Vaishnav tempted young girls, mainly from Gujarat and Delhi in the name of film projects under the name of VR Entertainment production house.

The girls were asked to pose n*de under the name of a photo shoot and later their pictures were circulated to and among the clients Via WhatsApp. Apparently, a special police squad was appointed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Satya Narayan Chowdhary to look after this case. The members of special squad posed as customers and raided the place at the right moment in one of the lavish localities of Mumbai.

The most shocking revelation was that the racket included much high profile Bollywood personalities and high profile corporate personalities in the client list according to a source.[/tps_footer]